Star Family Circus is Coming Soon!

Mar 24, 2012 by

Star Family Circus is Coming Soon!

The Star Family Circus will be here Friday, April 6th (at 7pm) and Saturday, April 7th (showing at 4:00 pm & 7:00 pm).Circus will be held at the Fairfield County Fairgrounds rain or shine! They will have cartoon characters, acrobats, trained animals, aerialists, and jugglers! Adults are $10.00, Students(15-17) are $5.00. Pick up FREE children’s tickets all around town!

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  1. Kristen

    This circus has been the object of petitions on the Internet. They force a kangaroo into a boxing ring and humans punch it in the face. Obviously the kangaroo punces back, but he is controlled and forced into this twisted performance. Poor kangaroo. If you want your kids to see this crap then go to this creepy circus.

    • Iam planning on taking my 1 1/2 year old son Sunday and now I’m glad I seen your post..are you serious about the things you said? Because I want to be sure if I want to take my son or not an not waste my money or allow my son to see things like this. So please reply and let me know what happens at this circus thank you.

      • Lora

        We took our kids today and I also was very worried. I am not a circus fan, but I thought we would give it a try. The kangaroo did come out with boxing gloves on, however they never once hit him. I’m not condoning it and I have decided that my kids will not go to anymore because I don’t feel that animals should be couped up on the road like that. I didn’t mind the dogs, people have pets and they were cute, rough looking though. There was a monkey, but people have those also. Kangaroos aren’t pets. There were really great tricks and things that my boys enjoyed, they will be 2 in June. I think you have to make your decision based on your own feelings.

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